Neil Inder 2016
Neil Inder

Dear Vale Parishioner

I stood before you in April 2016 at the General Election and polled 1332 votes. 6 months later with the untimely death of the mighty Deputy David Jones I find myself before you again asking that you consider me as one of your People’s Deputies.

I have spent my life in business as a Director growing local talent through my companies. I am considered entrepreneurial by my contemporaries and have contributed to the Island through the creation of jobs. I have a strong background in developing small to medium size businesses.

I am a family man who understands the pressures on the middle earners and am generally a believer in a hand up, not a hand out. This by-election is about how an individual can be of use to the current government. I can assist in the areas of the transport, business development and economic growth.

I am fierce defender of Guernsey, its people and its culture and would be honoured to serve you, the Vale parish and the Island.

Democracy For All Parishoners

I’m aware that some parishioners will struggle to read this designed manifesto. Please contact me and I will hand deliver an easy read version to your door.

Guernsey has a number of accessibility taxis; both with wheelchair access and trained drivers to manage people with mobility issues.

If you require one of these taxi services please book directly:
Asheigh Lacey: 07781 178 178
Daniel Le Sauvage: 07781 162 662

Contact Neil

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 243429

Twitter: @tothevale



General Themes

Guernsey people first

Better transport links

Agile government

Living within means

Reduce government waste

Develop small business

Support for first time buyers


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