Neil Inder 2016


A Bit About Me

Educated in Guernsey I spent three years in Tokyo teaching English as a foreign language. In 1992 I started an advertising agency and created, wrote and voiced the Randall’s Brewery Campaign, Len & Enid.

My role at the agency was business development, involved in pitching for new business, media buying and budgeting. Moving into the digital space in 1999 I started Submarine Limited. We developed a number of high profile websites including Visit Guernsey, and numerous e-commerce websites. I sold my portion of the business in 2015 and am a proprietor of self-catering unit(s) in the Beaucette area.

I’m married and have two daughters, Anastasia and Poppy, one at Vale Junior School and the other at St. Sampson’s High.


Waste Disposal

The Mont Cuet landfill has to close. It’s an unsustainable blight on our parish ruining the enjoyment of residents and visitors with the awful smell that blows across L’Ancresse Bay.

We have an indication of what is likely to happen to our waste, but no idea as to the cost to individual households. I’m in general support of the direction of the waste strategy, however the cost to the householder must be fair and equitable.

I’m struggling to understand why our waste appears to be heading to Sweden, where Jersey has an oversized incinerator running below its efficient capacity. Surely the Islands can have one last sensible conversation to see if we can’t strike a deal that benefits all?


Transport Links - Sea

The ongoing damage Condor is doing to our Island is immense and we need immediate solutions. Condor posted a 22% downturn in June of this year, later it posted an 18% over all downturn in figures. Condor has broken the visitor economy and Government is silent on the issue. The government needs to get its fingers out of its ears. Be under no illusion the end of year figures for our visitor statistics will be through the floor. Government needs to act now and decisively.

  • Government to act decisively

  • Government to consider direct intervention


Transport Links - Air

Jersey figures are showing a downturn in inter-island traffic and a similar story has happened in Guernsey. When Aurigny was running it as a sole operator it was a smooth and efficient service.
Competition on the Jersey-Guernsey route has been disastrous, directly impacting on our business and visitor economy. What is required is Aurigny back on the route in direct and aggressive competition against Flybe/Blue Islands.

  • Aurigny back on the inter-island route

  • Aurigny to address its pricing structures on the Gatwick route


Housing: Generation Rent

Home ownership of property provides families with a real stake in society – owning is a milestone for many. Plot costs are the main barrier to home ownership. Government has vergees and vergees of unused land and we need to get some of it into housing use.

It would not be beyond the wit of man to find an equitable and fair solution to our Housing issues.


Island-Wide Voting

In this term there will be an island-wide referendum on island-wide voting and the people of Guernsey will decide what kind of election we will have in 2020.

I am generally in favour of a form of island-wide voting. We are in an odd position where anyone can stand in the Vale as long as the proposer and seconder are residents in the parish. By any measure, there is no democratic logic to that.

In a more modern Guernsey, I understand why voters want to vote for preferred candidates outside of their parish or register a protest vote for any candidate. The reality is however, island-wide voting won’t fix our structural deficit, our transport links or ensure we have a properly funded disability strategy.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum I’m hoping we can all get together and fix the real issues in this Island.


First Time Buyers

In my last manifesto I wrote:

“Home ownership of property provides families with a real stake in society... Plot costs are the main barrier to home ownership. Government has vergees and vergees of unused land and we need to get some of it into housing use.”

Leale’s Yard has addressed some of the First Time Buyer issues, with units reasonably priced.

I have concerns about the density and would not support any creep of Leale’s into the so-called ‘data park’.

Some work needs to be done on support for our young families and I am warm to a Guernsey Bank with flexible loaning terms.

  • Guernsey Savings and Loan Scheme


Coastal Car Parks

If government cannot sort out ignorant car owners leaving their cars dumped around our parish you have to wonder if we have a functioning government.

The matter appears to be related to ‘ownership of land’. Our counterparts in Jersey have got around this by using the phrase ‘administered by’ in their Law.

Our natural environment, our common, our beaches and lanes are our assets. And it’s unfair to have it blighted by the ignorant.

  • Enforce existing laws

  • Clear parish of dumped cars



w of the current House voted for the old Education Debate. We have a new Board, a new cohort of
Deputies. There is every indication that the Board are likely to propose:

  • Dispense with 11+

  • No Primary School assessment

  • Rebuild La Mare de Carteret (reduced size)

  • Grammar School Remains (school sets entrance exam)

The Board have stated that they agree that primary school teachers shouldn’t be in a position to ‘continually assess’ their charges and I agree with that.

With no real detail at the time of going to print indications are that the default position for all pupils will be catchment secondary schools. Parents who want Grammar education can apply for their child to take an entrance exam.

Choice in the system remains and I support that model.


Growing the Economy


Guernsey has always sought opportunities. We have a world class creative industry, IT skills in abundance, website and programming skills employing a lot of people. An unsung net contributor to our economy.

Guernsey Finance should promote these services along with the Financial Services as an add on to the Guernsey offering. After all its new strap line is ‘We are Guernsey’ isn’t it?


The catchall word for the small professional firms that provide services to us; be that the welder, the mechanic, the carpenter or decorator is ‘Fred in the Shed’. It’s a demeaning phrase for teams of professionals that have done their apprenticeships and put their time in on the tools.

There is a huge issue over land and existing building use that need addressing. We need to be more flexible with our planning laws to allow small businesses to succeed.

  • Planning to allow small business to trade out of existing buildings


Through my business career I have found all my employees in the Island. With in-house training and development there’s nothing that our youngsters cannot achieve. As an Island we educate our youth, send them off to Universities, but there is reducing incentive for them toreturn.

The default position for many new positions and roles should be Guernsey talent first.


Government spending on island secures jobs and enterprises and is a valuable part of the economy. The default position for all Government Contracts should be “where can we benefit the Guernsey economy”. It seems too easy for Government to slide work out of the Island, where Guernsey grown businesses can do the work.

  • Guernsey companies to benefit from Guernsey contracts


Guernsey French

I served as a Language Commissioner for the last 3 years. Guernsey French is one of the oldest living languages in Europe and it’s likely that the last living native speaker will be gone in our lifetime.

When a nation loses its language, it loses its identity.

I would like to continue my role as a Language Commissioner and promote our living language.


Long Term Care of the Elderly

The long term cost of the elderly is going to be one of our greatest challenges. And there is a threat to householders that their homes will be sold to pay for that care. I will not support any move by Government to impose the sale of Islanders primary home to fund that care.

Before we start scaring the most vulnerable in their time of most need, Government would be better concentrating on its own efficiencies before for-sale signs go up on the elderly’s houses.


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