The two school model is dead.

As someone who fought hard for the retention of the 11+, the Grammar School system of education and scholarships and I deeply regret the decision made by the States of Guernsey.

However, that decision has been made and with the second non-selective cohort entering our secondary schools I would be flying a ‘false flag’ to promise a support to the return to selection.

What is clear is the two-school model is dead. Rejected by teaching professionals and the public alike we are looking at a version of three schools.

All sides will need to make concessions; if the public and the teachers want ‘community schools’ as I have always argued, then there is likely to be some diminishing of educational equality. The devil will be in the detail.

Education is critical to all Islanders and sadly individuals within this government have used the teachers and the children of this Island as a political football. The new government must come together and fix this omnishambles. The political input involved in Education simply has not worked. The sooner we hand over the running of the schools to a Governorship the better.

My red line is the split of the 6th form over multiple sites. The 6th form works well for the whole sector – let’s keep it!

  • NO to a split 6th Form
  • Utilise the Grammar School site
  • YES to the Guernsey Institute