In The States

Harbour Requete

I led a successful Requete to get the States to focus on a harbour project that will ensure Guernsey’s security for many years to come.

L’Ancresse Tank Wall - Sursis

I led a Sursis to stop the States ruining one the Island’s pristine beaches. Eventually the project was stopped by Requete.

Inert Waste - Sursis

I led a sursis to try and get government to join itself up. Ensuring that the Inert Waste Strategy is married with any future Harbour development and or to reassess the Island requirements.

In the first debate I told the house ‘only in Guernsey would we build a hole in the sea when we have holes in the ground’ – I was referring to Les Vardes quarry. The filling in of Longue Hougue South is an environmental disaster waiting to happen; the loss of 10% of our eel grass, loss of habitat and the destruction of our intertidal zone needs reassessment.

It’s worth reminding tax payers that the first Inert Waste Strategy was costed at around £30m, within 7 months it moved to £45m and in the last round of voting it is in the order of £65m. Government’s ability to cost any significant infrastructure development is fatally inept. I have a hope, and it may be forlorn, that a new Assembly will reassess and identify Les Vardes as the most practical environmental and fiscal solution for the Island’s long-term requirements.