Although tourism only accounts for 3% of our GDP, it adds life and vibrancy to our Town and Islands and supports our hostelry, restaurants and events.

Guernsey is a great product with huge potential and I am a strong supporter of the sector. 2021 will be crucial to the reinvigoration of the Guernsey brand.

The message is clear from the sector - ‘get visitors to Guernsey and we will get them spending’.

If returned on October 7th I will seek a full term on the Committee for Economic Development and will put myself forward for a role to lead portions of ‘Revive and Thrive’.


There is a lot of investment going on in Guernsey. Glamping sites in St Peters, a new hotel in Town and various investments in the sector in terms of refurbishments; a lot of good news stories. There is, however, a conversation to be had about those establishments that want to leave the industry.

Too many hotels are lying derelict and under invested. I’m of the view that hotels, guesthouses and self-catering that can’t make a living need a way out of the sector. We need to move the conversation on.